How Much is Enough for Retirement?

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How Much is Enough for Retirement?

Health care costs have been on the rise, and this trend is likely to continue. Living costs are also on the rise. Basic needs, like housing and food, are becoming more expensive every year. Additionally, medical advances are enabling people to live longer. As a result, people need to plan for longer retirements than previous generations. 

What can you do to determine how much is enough for retirement? There are several strategies you can choose to prepare as effectively as possible.

Inflation In More Detail

You should also consider inflation when planning for retirement. As inflation increases, spending dollars depreciate over time. Inflation rates can be estimated. Annual inflation is typically around 2%. Take your monthly expenses and compound them by 2% annually.

Let’s say your annual expenses amount to $40,000. To maintain your standard of living at 2% inflation, you would need $40,800 next year. In five years, you would need $44,000. In ten years, getting the same things you bought before will cost approximately $50,000. A good retirement strategy involves determining how much income you will need now and in the future. Having a financial strategy that will provide an income for as long as you live is a necessity. Reliance Financial Partners can help you navigate this process considering your specific needs.

Creating Your Retirement Budget

Expenses must also be considered, to help you answer, “how much is enough for retirement?”.  Knowing how much you will have to spend on retirement is essential. Part of our process includes talking to our clients about their expected expenses. 

Additionally, you can use online budget calculators to figure out how much income and expenses you need to meet. In retirement, a sufficient income can help you maintain your lifestyle and pay your living expenses. Consider your day-to-day expenses, such as housing, food, and health care. Be sure to consider any extra expenses. You may want to visit more places, pay off your mortgage, or make charitable contributions. You may also want to put aside an emergency fund for unanticipated costs. 

Protect Your Retirement Income

Most companies are unable to maintain their pension programs in today’s rapidly changing economy.

A lot of people discover that their retirement payouts are a lot lower than they expected when they reach retirement. Markets and mutual funds, which carry higher risks, are not ideal options either. If the market crashes, your account may also be significantly affected. 

As part of our strategy, we strive to protect your assets while offering a reasonable return.  We have a range of options, including fixed indexed annuities. We want to help you confidently answer the question, “How much money do I need to retire?”. 

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